Backline Services

Drum Sets:

-DW (24", 22",16",14",12",10",8" snare 14")

-Yamaha Maple (22",16",14",12",10",8" snare 14")

-Tama (22",16",14", 12" snare 14")

-Zildjian Cymbals


Guitar Amps:

-Fender Twin Reissue

-Fender Twin Reverb

-Fender Tone Master

-Fender Hot Rod DeVille

-Vox AC30

-Orange Rockerverb 100

-Roland JC-120

-Roland KC-550


Bass Amps:

-Ampeg Classic

-Ampeg SVT 4 PRO Bass Head

-Ampeg 8x10 Speaker Enclosure

-Ashdown ABM EVOIII Bass Amp

-Ashdown 4x10 Speaker enclosure

-Ashdown 1x15 Speaker enclosure

-GK 1000RB Bass Head

-Hartke 4x10 bass speaker enclosure

-Hartke 1x15 bass speaker enclosure

-SWR SM-900 Bass Head

-SWR 4x10 Speaker Enclosure



-Yamaha Motif XF 8

-Yamaha Motif XF 7

-Yamaha Motif XF 6

-Norg Electro 3-73

-Korg M-1

-Roland JV80



-LP Congas

-LP Timbales

-LP Bongos

-Perc. Tables

-Djembe Drum/stand

-Doumbek  (drum)

-Perc. Toys: Misc, cowbells, jam blocks, etc.

-LP Chimes/stand

-LP Cajón Peruano



-Shure UHF-R Wireless Microphone

-Shure PSM-900 In-Ear Wireless Monitor System

-Shure PSM-1000 In-Ear Wireless Monitor System

-Sennheiser ie300 G3 In-Ear Monitor System

-Music stands/lights


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